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The First GPT for Magicians

Illusion Architect boosts creativity, transforming ordinary magic into unique, memorable experiences. It's your custom resource for presentation ideas.

Note: OpenAI Plus subscription required.

What people are saying...

John Johnson

Magician, Digital Marketer

Absolutely an incredible tool for creativity.

Aaron Baca

Magician, Entrepreneur

...really exctiting!

Tom Stone

Magician, Author

...quite terrible!

Peng Wang


...looks great!


This GPT allows magicians to unlock the secrets of unique performances using this virtual assistant. This tool is designed to empower magicians, enhancing their performances with a blend of innovation, creativity, and performance knowledge.

Note: OpenAI Plus subscription required.

  • Unparalleled Creativity:  Creative presentational ideas that transcend traditional magic.

  • Tailored Advice: Receive customized guidance tailored to your act. By understanding your character, props, and desired effects, the assistant crafts advice that aligns with your vision.

  • Continuous Improvement:  Engage in an iterative process of refinement. The assistant doesn't just offer ideas; it works with you to refine them

  • Expertise on Demand:  The assistant's vast experience becomes your resource, offering you a depth of knowledge that is both broad and accessible whenever you need it.

  • Feature Request? Bad Output? Let me know!



    This tool is free forever (with subscription to OpenAI plus).
    I don't make a single, thin dime from this project. It exists solely to aid magicians in the creative process.

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